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Call from your smartphone!

With our app calling with your smartphone becomes very easy.

You can choose between different calling methods (voip, two-stage, or callback). You can select options such as which phone number is displayed to others when you call, redeem recharge codes, select two-stage access numbers in different countries, etc.

Call from your mobile phone!

We have also classic calling card style solutions available.

We provide also basic two-stage (call through) and callback solutions with speeddial codes and premapped numbers which can be used from any phone. The speeddials and premapped access numbers are defined via the website.

Call from your home!

Use a VOIP adapter or phone to make and receive calls from home.

You can purchase a device from us or use one you already have to connect to our service. You can make cheap high quality calls as well as receive calls via any of the telehone numbers purchased from us.

Phone numbers available in many countries!

Getting a phone number is a country is an easy way to allow others to call you inexpensively.

We sell numbers in several countries. When you purchase one you can have those calls connected to you for free over the internet. And if you aren't connect at the time we can either connect the call to a normal phone (for example your mobile phone) or record a voice mail message.

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