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FirstContact SIM cards are now available!

Our high quality service is now available also directly from your mobile phone. It is even better since we've combined the balances so you only need to worry about one balance whether making calls directly from your mobile or using our VOIP services.

Find out more about the mobile packs and recharge methods from our mobile SIM section!

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    Call Poland Landline
    only €0.01/min

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    Call Pakistan Mobile/Fixed only €0.08/min

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    Call Romania Landline
    only €0.01/min
    and mobile for €0.04/min

  • Use our smartphone app to easily make and receive calls.
    Calls can be made with VOIP, two-stage, or callback.

Cheap International Phone Calls

FirstContact Quickcall offers top quality, low cost international calls, whether you are calling from your mobile, from home, from your office or travelling abroad.

Simply dial our access numbers from your mobile/landline phone any time 365 days a year and you won’t receive any additional bills or charges from us. That’s right, no additional bills, no hidden charges! ... Its that easy.

Using our FirstContact Quickcall service, customers can make cheap international calls right now.

Call other FirstContact users for free!

If the destination number you dial belongs to another FirstContact user who has registered it with us,and they are at that time connected (using our app or a VOIP phone) then your call is free!

Try now for free! For our new customers we give €1.00 credit to make FREE phone call worldwide using mobile/land phone.

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